One of "10 New Books You Need To Read This Year" - Fast Company

One of the "Top 10 Business and Economics Books for Spring" - Publishers Weekly

"Bacal . . . hit pay dirt: stories filled with humor and humiliation, plus loads of hard-earned career management advice." - ELLE Magazine

"the printed equivalent of a long, hot bath at the end of a terrible day at work." - The New York Times

"All the stories are relatable. They are teachable moments of resilience, when to take risks, when to say no and how to navigate the ever-changing work landscape." - Boomer Muse

". . . how often do you hear people actually discussing the details of their mistakes?" - PsychCentral

"Whether you're just starting out or at a senior level, you'll find this book empowering." - The Real Deal by RetailMeNot

". . . crucial character boot camp . . . an important book because it shows that life is not a magazine spread." - The Globe and Mail

 . . . wide-ranging enough to avoid the stiflingly corporate perspective of many mainstream conversations about women in the workplace."- New York Magazine

"shines in its recognition of the futility of the one-size-fits-all professional recommendation . . . compelling."- Forbes Magazine, May 2014

"Reading Mistakes I Made at Work, in fact, is something you’ll be glad you did." - Houston Style Magazine

"generous display of guts and wisdom . . . the stories are pure gold." - Bust Magazine

"remarkably refreshing to read" - Verily Magazine

"a collection of the words of wisdom that the best mentors would impart . . . a spectacular way to learn from the masters." Madame Noire

" For your friend who absolutely, definitely, 100 percent will be successful (just as soon as she gets her shit together), a reminder that even the most accomplished women get it wrong sometimes" The Airship

"I like to read a mix of fiction and nonfiction. Right now I’m reading “Sister Carrie” byTheodore Dreiser and “Mistakes I Made at Work” by Jessica Bacal." ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Julia Collins on Books, Martha Stewart and ‘The Hunger Games,' WSJ Online

"25 leading women convey that a mistake is not a career ender." AZ Techbeat

"not only shines an antiseptic light on other people's dark moments, it shows how mistakes, and unhappiness, and the depths of our careers can lead to unexpected triumphs." Fast Company

"Each essay is followed with tips and takeaways and because the book is broken up into bite-size chapters, it’s the perfect book to read a little, put down, and reflect." Design Sponge

"Somehow this has been missing in conversations about our careers." Actionable Books

"examines the learning curves of 25 successful women, including Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Anna Holmes, the founder of, whose uplifting gems include: ‘Whether you get promoted or not, whether you’re part of the “cool kids club” or not — these things are not indicative of your worth.’" London Evening Standard

"I just started reading this fantastic book . . . and the one theme that is evident to me, so far, is that failure provides great learning opportunities." Women In Technology POV

"This is a wonderful book. Its advice about failure is refreshing; it's real, hard-won and useful."


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