Here is what people have said about my speaking:

"Not only is Jess’s book an inspiration to women in the tech field – hearing her speak and engage our group in conversation about mistakes was incredibly eye opening.  Jess started her presentation with an anecdote about a recent "mistake," which put everyone at ease and motivated them to discuss their own. She was personable, kind, engaging, and offered thoughtful analyses of varying work situations. I can't wait for the sequel (hopefully?!) and neither can Girl Develop It Philly."

Jana Veliskova, Girl Develop It, Philadelphia

"Jessica spoke with our Women in Natural Sciences group at the American Museum of Natural History after we read her book Mistakes I Made at Work. She was delightful and discerning in her insights about how to take our own mistakes and ‘failures’ as a group and not just learn from them but own them - which is especially important for women in professional fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)." 

- Mary E. Blair, American Museum of Natural History, NYC

Jesscia Bacal is an engaging and thoughtful speaker whose panel event for the NYC Smith College Club offered the recounting of diverse experiences by two alumnae who took two different roads in their respective careers.  Jessica facilitated the evening effortlessly with dynamic questions for the panelists and for the audience.  Jessica offers the breadth of experience and research to speak to issues relevant to women's lives. I highly recommend Jessica Bacal and her excellent book, Mistakes I Made At Work.

- Vanessa Gates-Elston, VP Events, Smith College Club of NYC


I am available for:

Talks: Working on this book has been eye opening, because I’ve had a chance to pull aside the curtain, so to speak, and to glimpse the uncertainty that even very successful people feel as they navigate their careers. My talks about the experience of developing Mistakes I Made at Work can be adapted with the interests of your group in mind.

Panels: A facilitated panel is an entertaining, often eye-opening way to enter the conversation about women and mistakes at work. I can facilitate panels touching on the book’s themes – learning to take charge of your own narrative, to say no, to ask, and to be resilient – and can include contributors to the book and/or other panelists. 

Workshops: My workshops are fun and interactive and can be adapted for both academic and professional settings. I use games and writing prompts, as well as small and large-group discussions, to encourage participants to gain comfort with mistakes and to think about what it means to take risks in work and life.